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Electronic Cigarettes – The Newest Rage

The newest fad that is sweeping the marketplace literally all over the world is the revolution of the electronic cigarettes. These popular little devices have become a viable alternative for the smoking of tobacco cigarettes. They work by producing a vapor that comes from within the device and simulates tobacco smoke, yet this vapor comes from a glycol liquid that is harmlessly vaporized.


The habit smoking cigarettes is a nasty and dangerous one. Of course there are many deaths worldwide that are attributable to cancer that is caused by tobacco smoke. There is little doubt that millions of people die yearly from lung cancer of which about 90 per cent comes from tobacco smoke.

There are over 200 caustic and carcinogenic chemicals that are contained in cigarette smoke, not to mention the sticky and gooey tar that builds up inside of the lungs. This tar is also cancer causing and it smothers the alveoli in the lungs, which are the main transfer points for oxygen to enter into our blood.

Cigarette smokers are not stupid, they are finding the switch to electronic cigarettes to be a no-brainer, given the dangers that tobacco has offered for years. They are caught in a habit they can’t break and the e cigs perpetuate that habit, only now it is not dangerous.

The key to the habit is the nicotine that is found in the tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine is extremely addictive, and the withdrawal symptoms are similar to getting off of major drugs, so here is a way to switch and do so effortlessly.

Finding a good e-liquid store which allows a mixture of nicotine to be contained in the e liquid that gets atomized, so the user will get his or her nicotine ‘hit’ when they take a drag on the vapor. There are different strengths available, and the user can taper down the level of the nicotine gradually, until he or she no longer has the habit. It would be a good assessment, however to guess that many simply stay on the same level of nicotine, and go their merry way.

The electronic cigarettes also come with a varying array of different flavors, to ‘sweeten the pot’ so to speak. Everything from strawberry, lemon, lime, blueberry, cinnamon, honey to menthol, mint and chocolate and more come with the little bottles of mixture.

The devices themselves are morphing into more shapes, sizes and colors than just a boring cylinder that looks like a cigarette. Everything from boxes, rounded devices, and inventive shapes have surfaced, making things even more interesting.

Regulatory agencies are starting to make proclamations that these new devices now need to be regulated since ‘nobody knows what is in them’ and the public needs to be protected. Perhaps governments see the profit potential of taxing these devices and related products because they are making money.

Regardless, the trend is here to stay and is growing daily into a major industry with the major tobacco companies beginning to come on board as well. It is just now beginning to become very interesting, indeed.

Ideas And Products That Help People Quit Smoking

e-cigarettes-ukMore than 70 percent of smokers in the United States say they wanted to quit smoking. A much smaller percentage admits to attempting to quit in the last year. The missing link between wanting to quit and actually quitting might often be a simple lack of information. As a smoker, if you know what your options are and what to expect, then you might be more encouraged to actually quit.

The tobacco markets changed a lot in the past few years. The biggest changes have come from the electronic cigarette industry. As tobacco sales drop, their sales increase. This leads researchers to believe that e-cigs might actually be a smart smoking alternative. There is still much to learn in the field of e-cigs and may be a few more years before any real official data makes a difference.

Other, more traditional, methods for quitting smoking are still popular today, even with the rise of the e-cig. The nicotine patch, for example, continues to be the official leader of quitting smoking. The patch delivers a dose of nicotine through the skin and into the bloodstream.

Both of these mentioned techniques are considered a form of nicotine replacement therapy. That is where the smoker finds an alternative, hopefully safer, source of nicotine. The idea behind this strategy is that the smoker can then gradually reduce the amount of the nicotine intake until they are completely free from their addiction.

There are products known as smokeless cigarettes, which are different than electronic cigarettes because they don’t have any components or produce any vapors. The smokeless cigarette is used as a form of behavioral therapy.

Why? Because many people who continue to smoke enjoy the feel and experience of holding and smoking a cigarette. The smokeless cigarette, as well as the e-cigarette, both give this feeling back to the person. Many believe that it makes it much easier to quit smoking when they feel they haven’t quit at all.

What Method Is Right For You?

It’s impossible to say which method your mind will respond to the best. If you have tried traditional non-smoking products in the past without success, now might be the time to try electronic cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes.

People also find success combining nicotine replacement therapy, particularly the patch or nicotine gum, with a smokeless cigarette. Their body is then given the nicotine and they enjoy the feel of smoking a cigarette. The e cigarette does exactly this in a single package.

What Can You Expect From E Cigs?

E cigs are probably one of the most exciting things that you can buy from the Internet. If you’re wondering what they are, they look like your regular tobacco cigarettes, only that you don’t burn tobacco and you need a battery to use them.


There are so many brands of electronic cigarettes out there that it’s impossible to say that there’s a shortage of them. But if you’re curious, not all brands of e cigs are created alike and there are brands that are definitely better than others. While we can’t tell you specific brands, we can give you a guideline as to which one you should buy.

As with anything else in life, when it comes to buy electronic cigarettes, you do get what you pay for. There are many people who prefer e-cigs over regular tobacco brands because they are cheaper. The average smoker in the United States spends around $200 in cigarette packs alone, however, when you use e-cigs, it is possible to bring the cost of smokes down to $60 to $70 per month.

With e-cigs, you start by buying a starter kit, which can cost from between $10 to $200. You don’t buy new starter packs each time, you just need to replace the cartridges, and this makes things cheaper.

You might think that cheap starter kits are the obvious choice, However, if you buy a starter kit that is really, really cheap at $10, it will cost you more in the long run because $10 starter kits last only a day or two. That said, if you really want to save money on your smokes by replacing your tobacco pack with an electronic one, buy a starter kit that costs at least $60. Most smokers agree that kits costing over that price last long. What goes into an e-cig starter kit? You will find a battery charger pack, some cartridges and the e-cigarette itself.

An e-cig basically works by turning liquid nicotine into favor that you can inhale, thus giving you your nicotine fix. It has three parts, the battery, the vaporizer and the cartridge containing the liquid nicotine.

What can you expect from smoking electronic cigarettes? You can expect to experience the same kind of relaxing experience as when you’re smoking a tobacco pack, but that really depends on the level of nicotine inside the cartridge and the power of the vaporizer.

E-cigs don’t necessarily taste better than regular tobacco cigarettes, but they can be less bad for your health because you can control the level of the nicotine that goes into your body as there are cartridges that contain little or no nicotine at all.

But aside from being less bad for your health, e cigs can be fun, what with the different flavors of cartridges that are being sold right now. You can say that e cigs are more hookah than cigarettes, but that’s really a matter of perception. Anyway, before you buy them, make sure to comparison shopping with at least three websites.