Electronic Cigarettes – The Newest Rage

The newest fad that is sweeping the marketplace literally all over the world is the revolution of the electronic cigarettes. These popular little devices have become a viable alternative for the smoking of tobacco cigarettes. They work by producing a vapor that comes from within the device and simulates tobacco smoke, yet this vapor comes from a glycol liquid that is harmlessly vaporized.


The habit smoking cigarettes is a nasty and dangerous one. Of course there are many deaths worldwide that are attributable to cancer that is caused by tobacco smoke. There is little doubt that millions of people die yearly from lung cancer of which about 90 per cent comes from tobacco smoke.

There are over 200 caustic and carcinogenic chemicals that are contained in cigarette smoke, not to mention the sticky and gooey tar that builds up inside of the lungs. This tar is also cancer causing and it smothers the alveoli in the lungs, which are the main transfer points for oxygen to enter into our blood.

Cigarette smokers are not stupid, they are finding the switch to electronic cigarettes to be a no-brainer, given the dangers that tobacco has offered for years. They are caught in a habit they can’t break and the e cigs perpetuate that habit, only now it is not dangerous.

The key to the habit is the nicotine that is found in the tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine is extremely addictive, and the withdrawal symptoms are similar to getting off of major drugs, so here is a way to switch and do so effortlessly.

Finding a good e-liquid store which allows a mixture of nicotine to be contained in the e liquid that gets atomized, so the user will get his or her nicotine ‘hit’ when they take a drag on the vapor. There are different strengths available, and the user can taper down the level of the nicotine gradually, until he or she no longer has the habit. It would be a good assessment, however to guess that many simply stay on the same level of nicotine, and go their merry way.

The electronic cigarettes also come with a varying array of different flavors, to ‘sweeten the pot’ so to speak. Everything from strawberry, lemon, lime, blueberry, cinnamon, honey to menthol, mint and chocolate and more come with the little bottles of mixture.

The devices themselves are morphing into more shapes, sizes and colors than just a boring cylinder that looks like a cigarette. Everything from boxes, rounded devices, and inventive shapes have surfaced, making things even more interesting.

Regulatory agencies are starting to make proclamations that these new devices now need to be regulated since ‘nobody knows what is in them’ and the public needs to be protected. Perhaps governments see the profit potential of taxing these devices and related products because they are making money.

Regardless, the trend is here to stay and is growing daily into a major industry with the major tobacco companies beginning to come on board as well. It is just now beginning to become very interesting, indeed.