Ideas And Products That Help People Quit Smoking

e-cigarettes-ukMore than 70 percent of smokers in the United States say they wanted to quit smoking. A much smaller percentage admits to attempting to quit in the last year. The missing link between wanting to quit and actually quitting might often be a simple lack of information. As a smoker, if you know what your options are and what to expect, then you might be more encouraged to actually quit.

The tobacco markets changed a lot in the past few years. The biggest changes have come from the electronic cigarette industry. As tobacco sales drop, their sales increase. This leads researchers to believe that e-cigs might actually be a smart smoking alternative. There is still much to learn in the field of e-cigs and may be a few more years before any real official data makes a difference.

Other, more traditional, methods for quitting smoking are still popular today, even with the rise of the e-cig. The nicotine patch, for example, continues to be the official leader of quitting smoking. The patch delivers a dose of nicotine through the skin and into the bloodstream.

Both of these mentioned techniques are considered a form of nicotine replacement therapy. That is where the smoker finds an alternative, hopefully safer, source of nicotine. The idea behind this strategy is that the smoker can then gradually reduce the amount of the nicotine intake until they are completely free from their addiction.

There are products known as smokeless cigarettes, which are different than electronic cigarettes because they don’t have any components or produce any vapors. The smokeless cigarette is used as a form of behavioral therapy.

Why? Because many people who continue to smoke enjoy the feel and experience of holding and smoking a cigarette. The smokeless cigarette, as well as the e-cigarette, both give this feeling back to the person. Many believe that it makes it much easier to quit smoking when they feel they haven’t quit at all.

What Method Is Right For You?

It’s impossible to say which method your mind will respond to the best. If you have tried traditional non-smoking products in the past without success, now might be the time to try electronic cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes.

People also find success combining nicotine replacement therapy, particularly the patch or nicotine gum, with a smokeless cigarette. Their body is then given the nicotine and they enjoy the feel of smoking a cigarette. The e cigarette does exactly this in a single package.